Edmondo Peluso

February 9th, 2019

I first became interested in writing a short novel about Edmondo Peluso back in 2002 after reading Didi Gnocchi’s tantalizing biography Odissea Rossa (Feltrinelli, 2001). For a long time, however, my work on November took over.

Over the years, however, I have often returned to the Peluso project and have now at least done much of the essential background reading.

In late 2014 I made a good draft of the first three chapters. I then ground to a halt once again and turned to stories and to November‘s sequel. I hope to resume work on the Peluso project again soon. For those who look forward to a novel about Peluso — (I know who you are!) — I can only entreat your patience and assure you that I return periodically to this project and have not shelved it. I am very hopeful that its time will come.