Paul Ebdon


Paul writes:

The techniques I use are from working as a restorer of painted and decorated finishes, some I was taught, others I developed. I have at times copied existing works – an excellent method of acquiring skills. The maxim that “if it’s not political, it’s decoration” seems to underlie most of my paintings now. There is, in North Norfolk, a plethora of the bucolic bourgeois pastoral. I have no argument with this as there are many beautiful and very skilful paintings, drawings, etc. But with my own landscapes I attempt to produce something with a little ‘bite’.

Now, for the reason for the twenty-eight paintings, some or all of which are shown here. I had read Christopher’s novel, November, in manuscript before meeting him and I believe it is an important book. Since then, Christopher has kindly allowed me to read his other writings, amongst which was Stranger Than/Beneath the Tide. As I read this novella, images formed in my mind so that I began the process (notes, sketches, etc.) of turning them into paintings. While assembling this material, it occurred to me that I could incorporate allusions to artists, paintings, literature, film, etcc, etc. Some of these allusions are obvious, others not so!

I have used ‘literature’ as a source in past works but only a sentence or paragraph, not a whole book. I am at this time working upon eight paintings based upon poems by the artist and writer Alan Schmidt. These concern the plight of scarecrows, a much maligned figure. I leave you with Andy Warhol’s “Art is what you can get away with.”

Paul Ebdon, March, Two Thousand and Nineteen.
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